Beyond the Arc Exploring the Three-Point-Volume Debate with Klay Thompson and Patrick Baldwin Jr. baazpk

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are widely considered to be the greatest shooting backcourt duo in NBA history. Not only have they completely revolutionized the modern game, but they’ve also set the standard for their peers. Three-point shots were once considered a novelty, but they have now become the bread-and-butter of most NBA teams. Any team that cannot shoot the three is unlikely to make it far in the league, let alone win a championship. This shift in the game has been largely attributed to the Splash Brothers’ influence.

While some argue that they have ruined the game, others contend that Curry and Thompson may have even “ruined” their own team. The Golden State Warriors have the highest three-point attempt rate in the league this season at 44.9%, and they are also attempting the most threes per game, with an average of 43.1. Despite their impressive success rate of 39.1% from beyond the arc, this high volume of three-point shots can make them vulnerable to bouts of unfavorable variance.

However, considering the team’s arsenal of viable shooters, taking as many threes as possible is not necessarily a bad thing. Six players on the team are shooting above the league average of 36% on threes this season. These players include Curry, Thompson, Ty Jerome, Donte DiVincenzo, Andrew Wiggins, and Anthony Lamb.

The key to success in the Warrior’s offense is making oneself available at all times. Catch-and-shoot threes, especially those created off of paint touches, are highly efficient. DiVincenzo, for example, collapses the opposing team’s defense and kicks the ball out to Thompson for an effortless three. The Warriors’ offensive success relies on the entire team executing well, not just on the talents of Curry and Thompson.

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Curry and Thompson’s influence on the modern game cannot be overstated. They have set the standard for their peers and have made the three-point shot a vital part of most NBA teams’ offenses. While their high volume of three-point attempts can be a double-edged sword, the

Warriors have an arsenal of viable shooters that make it a viable strategy. The key to their success is executing their offensive plays to perfection and making the most of every opportunity.

The Warriors’ struggles on offense this season come from a lack of variety in their offensive game plan. Opposing teams know that Golden State is going to take a lot of threes, and they’ve been able to game plan accordingly. It’s not just that the Warriors are taking a lot of threes, it’s that they’re taking a lot of the same types of threes.

To combat this, the Warriors need to diversify their offense. They need to add more movement and more variety to their sets to create more opportunities for their shooters to get open looks. They need to use their off-ball movement to create confusion and mismatches for the defense.

The good news for Golden State is that they have the personnel to do this. Draymond Green is one of the best playmakers in the league, and he’s able to create opportunities for his teammates with his passing and ball-handling. Jordan Poole has emerged as a legitimate scoring threat, and his ability to create off the dribble gives the Warriors a different dimension on offense.

If the Warriors can add more variety to their offense and create more opportunities for their shooters, they could be a much more dangerous team in the playoffs. Curry and Thompson are two of the best shooters in NBA history, and they have the ability to carry a team on their backs in the postseason. But they can’t do it alone. The Warriors need to find ways to get the rest of their team involved and create a more balanced attack.

In conclusion, while the Splash Brothers may have revolutionized the modern game of basketball with their sharpshooting skills, they need to diversify their game plan in order to stay competitive in today’s NBA. With more movement and variety on offense, they can create more opportunities for their talented shooters to get open looks and lead the Warriors back to championship contention.

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