Anupama Refuses to Listen to Anuj: A Turning Point in Their Story

In the latest episode of Anupama, aired on May 26th, 2023. The tensions rise as Anuj tries to convey an important message to Anupama.

Despite his persistence, Anupama remains reluctant to listen. This leads to a series of emotional events that unfold. This episode marks a crucial turning point in their story.

As Anupama’s unwavering commitment to her family and personal responsibilities clashes with her lingering feelings for Anuj. Let’s delve into the details and explore the intense moments that transpired in this episode.

Anuj’s Desperate Plea

Anuj, filled with urgency, approaches Anupama, unsure if he will ever have another chance to express his feelings. He recounts his journey to meet her. When an interruption occurs – Anupama’s phone incessantly rings.

Meenu enters the scene, alerting Anupama about the persistent calls. Despite the interruption, Anuj proceeds with his story. However, Anupama was compelled by the phone call. So abruptly excuses herself, leaving Anuj frustrated and disheartened.

Gurumaa’s Disapproval

At Gurukul, gurumaa admonishes her students for failing in their duties. Anupama eventually arrives. And Nakul questions her whereabouts, emphasizing the numerous attempts made to reach her.

Apologetically, Anupama explains that she had set her phone aside due to her son’s mehndi. And sangeet ceremonies. However, gurumaa, disapprovingly, reminds Anupama of the importance of not neglecting personal responsibilities when being part of the institute.

Determined, Anupama asserts that while she can forsake everything else. She cannot abandon her role as a mother. She passionately justifies her actions. And expressing her desire to fulfill her son’s wishes.

And maintain her identity as a devoted mother. Nakul, however, shows little tolerance for excuses.

Gurumaa’s Intriguing Plans

Gurumaa intervenes, interrupts Nakul, and praises Anupama’s beauty. She instructs Anupama to select a costume for her dance performance. And as she notices Anuj’s name still marked on Anupama’s hand.

She remarks that Anuj still resides in her heart. Anupama responds, comparing love to a stubborn tenant that refuses to leave once it settles in. While Anupama focuses on her task, gurumaa contemplates the dilemma Anupama faces.

She recognizes Anupama’s potential for great success. But fears that her lingering feelings for Anuj could become an obstacle. Moreover, gurumaa sees Anupama’s attachment to her family as a challenge. Intriguingly, she devises something special for Anupama, keeping her intentions concealed.

Leela’s Concerns and Anupama’s Commitment

Leela experiences back pain after the sangeet. And Toshu playfully suggests using her prepared pain oil. Concerned about Anupama’s absence, Leela questions Samar about her priorities. And highlighting the significance of her son’s sangeet compared to her commitments at Gurukul.

Samar explains that Anupama had informed him about an emergency before leaving. Despite Samar’s explanation, Leela continues to vent her frustration toward Anupama.

Kanta steps in, questioning Leela’s concern when Anupama’s own mother doesn’t seem bothered. Vanraj intervenes, stating that Anupama had informed one of them about her absence. Dolly assures everyone that they are present to take care of the remaining functions.

Maaya also offers her assistance. But Leela cynically comments about someone who destroys a home offering help in building another. Meanwhile, Anupama dedicates her time to selecting costumes for her fellow students. And prioritizing her responsibilities even amid personal criticisms.

Anuj’s Responsibilities and Vanraj’s Gratitude

Anuj informs Barkha that they should return home since Little Anu is feeling sleepy. He asks Barkha to accompany them, mentioning some work Ankush has done.

Ankush inquires about the work. But then realizes that they need to visit the office. Barkha suggests postponing the visit until after the wedding. And advises Ankush to refrain from discussing work during the festivities.

Anuj, however, insists on the urgency of the matter and departs with Ankush. Curious about Anupama’s whereabouts, Barkha questions Kanta, who informs her that Anupama will arrive late.

Vanraj was relieved that Anuj left without waiting for Anupama. And finds himself facing Kavya, who hesitates to reveal her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Nakul engages in a conversation with Anupama, inquiring about her ability to handle her responsibilities. Anupama confidently assures him. That she has been successfully managing her duties for the past month. And acknowledges Nakul’s concern as a valuable reminder. Determined, Anupama proclaims her unwavering commitment, vowing to never back down.

Anuj’s Decision and Anupama’s Surprise

Ankush expresses his approval of Anuj’s decision to reveal the truth to Anupama. He steps out of the ca. Asking Anuj to call him once his meeting with Anupama concludes. And suggesting they return home together.

Fatigued from the series of functions. The Shah family light-heartedly teases Samar, joking about his future mantra after marriage.

Leela turns to Vanraj, inquiring if Kavya revealed. Why did she quit modeling and if she currently resides with Anirudh or lives alone? Dolly questions Leela’s interest, prompting Vanraj to recall Anuj’s earlier uneasiness.

As Anupama walks along the street, she ponders on Nakul’s words. While Anuj stops his car nearby. The melodious tune of “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste” plays in the background. And creating an atmosphere charged with anticipation.

Barkha anxiously wonders if Anuj truly went to the office. While Maaya fears that he went to meet Anupama. Vanraj shares the same apprehensions.


In this gripping episode of Anupama. Anuj’s attempt to communicate with Anupama encounters numerous obstacles. And leaving both characters in a state of emotional turmoil.

Anupama’s unwavering dedication to her family. Along with Gurumaa’s intriguing plans, poses a challenge to her relationship with Anuj.

As the story unfolds, the audience eagerly anticipates the repercussions of this pivotal encounter. Stay tuned to witness the next chapter in Anupama’s journey. Where love, responsibilities, and unforeseen circumstances intertwine.

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