Anupama 23rd May 2023 Episode: Dimple Surprises Everyone, Anuj Reveals a Secret

Sangeet Preparations: Dimple’s Surprise Visit and Samar’s Whereabouts

In the Anupama 23rd May 2023 Episode, the Shah family was engrossed in the preparations for the sangeet ceremony. The atmosphere was filled with excitement. When Dimple unexpectedly arrived, surprising everyone present.

She explained that she finished early at the parlor. And decided to drop by to meet Samar. Kinjal informed Dimple that Samar was in his room.

Leela’s Anger and Dimple’s Justification

While Kinjal requested Leela to join her in the kitchen for cooking. Dimple expressed her opinion that they should have asked Anuj to arrange some additional help in the house. Dimple believed that having extra hands would ease their workload.

This comment irked Leela. Who became furious. Leela emphasized that their house was not like the Kapadia household. And that they took pride in working for their own families.

Vanraj overheard Anupama’s absence. And mentioned that he needed to attend to some work. He excused himself and left the scene. Dimple, taken aback by Leela’s sudden anger, asked why she had become so upset.

Dimple defended herself by explaining that she only had their best interests in mind. She advised Leela not to get excessively angry. As they would soon be spending all their time together.

Samar and Dimple’s Conversation

Samar arrived at the scene and inquired about the situation. Kinjal assured him that Leela and Dimple had resolved their misunderstandings. And everything was fine.

Kinjal then discreetly signaled everyone to resume their tasks, allowing Samar. And Dimple to have some privacy to discuss their issues.

Dimple apologized to Samar and clarified that her remarks were not meant to harm him in any way. She genuinely expressed her feelings. And assured Samar that she did not intend any ill will toward him.

Samar reciprocated her apology. But made it clear that he meant every word he said about his family. Dimple, on the other hand, believed that she would handle everything after they were married.

Anupama and Anuj’s Silent Bike Ride (Anupama 23rd May 2023 Episode)

Meanwhile, Anupama found herself seated on the bike behind Anuj, feeling a sense of awkwardness. As they silently traveled along their path without exchanging words. Anuj was torn between his thoughts. And emotions unsure of what he should do next.

As they encountered two-speed breakers. Anupama unintentionally leaned closer to Anuj. And placed her hands on his shoulder.

This gesture triggered a sense of emotions for both of them. Reminding them of the love they had once shared. But lost due to the distance that separated them.

Anupama 23rd May 2023 Episode, Anuj halted the bike and mustered the courage to convey something important to Anupama.

He hesitated to articulate his thoughts. But Anupama encouraged him to speak his mind. Anuj began narrating an incident that took place on the day. He tried to return to Ahmedabad from Mumbai.

During his explanation, Anuj was interrupted by a honking vehicle. But Anupama urged him to continue. She attentively listened to the entire incident. Eventually embracing Anuj in a warm hug.

However, Anupama snapped out of her reverie. And realized she was seated beside Vanraj in his car. A flashback was revealed. That Vanraj appeared just as Anuj was about to reveal the truth, whisking Anupama away in his vehicle.

Kinjal’s Decision and Toshu’s Reaction

In Anupama 23rd May 2023 Episode Kinjal expressed her disinterest in starting a new with Toshu by having another child. This statement enraged Toshu, prompting him to question Kinjal about her intentions.

Kinjal stated that once Samar’s marriage was over. She planned to leave the house as she felt suffocated living with him.

The Sangeet Function Begins: Mehendi Rituals and Maya’s Request

Anupama 23rd May 2023 Episode, the sangeet function commenced. And Anuj arrived with the Kapadia family, accompanied by Maya the bride’s family.

Leela welcomed them and arranged for all the married women to have mehendi designs on their hands. Maya expressed her desire to get mehendi applied to Anuj as well.

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