Anuj Returns to Kapadia House: Anupama 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update

In the latest episode of “Anupama” aired on the 21st of May, 2023. Anuj makes a surprising return to the Kapadia House. And leaving Maaya and Anupama in a state of shock. Let’s dive into the details of this dramatic turn of events.

Maaya’s Anxiety Attack and Anuj’s Comforting Presence

Maaya experiences an anxiety attack upon seeing Anuj with Anupama. Worried, she questions Anuj about his interaction with Anupama. And whether he intends to leave her for Anupama.

Anuj, trying to calm her down. And he advises her to relax and take deep breaths. Concerned, the Shahs inquire about Maaya’s condition. Anuj reassures them that Maaya is fine. But she insists on leaving the house, feeling uneasy at that moment. Little Anu adds that even Anuj had suggested they return home.

Vanraj advises Anuj to go home. While asking Anupama to stay back. However, Anupama decides to go to her own house. Meanwhile, Barkha, concerned about the situation, messages Vanraj to find out if Anuj has revealed the truth to Anupama.

Vanraj believes otherwise and suggests letting things continue as they are. Anuj departs with the Kapadias, heading back to Kapadia Mansion. While the soulful melody of “Jiye To Jiye Kaise Bin Aapke” plays in the background.

Anuj’s Arrival at Kapadia Mansion and Anupama’s Reflections

As Anuj reaches Kapadia Mansion, little Anu eagerly anticipates spending the day playing with Pakhi. However, Barkha informs her that Pakhi left to attend her friend’s wedding.

Thereby disappointing little Anu. Anuj, lost in his thoughts, imagines Anupama. And experiences a sense of happiness.

Anupama observes that Anuj didn’t pay much attention to her when she was physically present. But now he imagines her when she is absent. This realization leads her to believe that Anuj still holds her dear in his heart.

She directs his attention toward the house. She compared it to their hearts, with Anuj as its heartbeat. She emphasizes that every corner and item in the house will remind him of her. Anuj agrees with her, acknowledging his mistakes.

Anupama, however, asserts that a mere apology is not sufficient. Before they can delve deeper into their conversation. Little Anu interrupts, calling out to Anuj and pulling him out of his reverie.

Shifting Rooms and Emotional Reunions

Barkha queries Maaya about her preference for shifting her bags to Anuj’s room or the guest room. Uncertain about their relationship status. She suggests shifting Anupama’s belongings from the guest room if Maaya intends to stay there.

Anuj intervenes, stating that Maaya will occupy her earlier guest room, and instructs Barkha to prepare it accordingly. Ankush, emotionally overwhelmed, informs Anuj that he won’t allow him to leave anymore, despite Anuj’s insistence.

The two share an emotional embrace, and Ankush suggests that Anuj visit the office after Dimpy’s wedding. Anuj agrees, mentioning his intention to check the accounts. And regain involvement in the business.

Bakha and Adhik, overhearing their conversation, become tense. Meanwhile, Anupama feels disheartened as she reflects on it. How Anuj brought Maaya into their house. She recalls Anuj apologizing to her. And attempting to convey something before being interrupted by Maaya’s presence.

Anuj, too, recalls Anupama’s words and realizes the impact of his actions. He approaches Anupama and extends his sincere apologies.

A New Day and Preparations for the Sangeet Ceremony

The next day arrives, and Leela gathers the family for a special announcement. She unveils a pain oil, claiming it will be useful for everyone. However, the family playfully rejects the idea. And asserting that they are not old enough to require such remedies.

Leela teasingly remarks that they will understand the need for it. After the sangeet ceremony scheduled for that day. Anupama, filled with excitement, declares that they will rock the sangeet ceremony with their performance.

Inclusion and Invitation for Kavya

In the midst of the preparations, Kavya, Vanraj’s partner, arrives. Anupama takes the opportunity to invite her to join their vibrant performance for the sangeet. However, Kavya hesitates and confesses that she cannot dance that night

. Samar, determined to change her mind, assures her that she will feel inspired once she witnesses their lively performance. Kinjal adds her support, urging Kavya to stay until Samar’s wedding celebrations conclude.

The family, including Samar, joins in the persuasion, insisting that Kavya remain a part of the festivities. Vanraj, aware of Kavya’s reluctance, suggests that they shouldn’t force her. And mentions that she can visit them frequently in the future.

Anupama, uncertain about the events that will unfold during the sangeet ceremony, ponder over what lies ahead.

As the story unfolds, the return of Anuj to Kapadia House has brought a mix of emotions. And uncertainties for the characters. Anupama and Anuj find themselves entangled in a web of past connections and unresolved feelings.

Meanwhile, the upcoming sangeet ceremony promises to be a memorable event filled with live performances and the potential for unexpected revelations.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Anupama” to discover the twists. And turns that lie ahead in this enthralling tale of love, relationships, and self-discovery.

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