Anupama 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update | Anuj’s Silence Pains Anupama

The latest episode of Anupama aired on May 19th, 2023. The emotions run high as Anupama and Vanraj participate in their son’s pooja. However, Anuj’s unexpected silence leaves Anupama feeling hurt.

The dynamics within the family become tense as relationships are questioned. And decisions about the upcoming wedding ceremonies are made. Let’s dive into the episode’s details and explore the intense emotions that unfold.

Anuj’s Silence: A Source of Hurt for Anupamaa

As the pooja commences, Anupamaa expresses her willingness to sit for the ceremony alongside Vanraj. And emphasizing their roles as Samar’s parents. This gesture brings a moment of joy to Leela’s heart.

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However, the atmosphere takes a sour turn when Anuj volunteers to sit with Maaya. And leaving everyone else bewildered and angry. Kanta questions the legitimacy of Maaya’s presence. As she believes only Anupamaa and Vanraj should represent Samar’s parents.

Anuj’s silence in response to Kanta’s concerns hits Anupama harder than Maaya’s words. And causing her to feel more dejected. The family, especially Hasmukh, recognizes the impact of Anuj’s silence on Anupama’s emotions, deepening the tension among them.

Pakhi’s Actions and Their Consequences

Following the pooja, Pakhi leaves to attend a friend’s wedding. And triggering discontent among some family members. Dimpy complains to Samar about Pakhi’s behavior, highlighting. How she argued with Pakhi. Who then disregarded Samar’s wedding ceremony.

Samar, under the influence of his dominant girlfriend, shares Dimpy’s concerns. He voices his dissatisfaction with Pakhi. And claiming she lacks sensitivity toward Anupama’s pain. Kinjal also questions Pakhi’s decision to prioritize her friend’s wedding over Samar’s special day.

Anupama, however, empathizes with Pakhi, acknowledging the complexity of her emotions. And her inability to cope with the situation. Unfortunately, Samar succumbs to the pressure. And confronts Anupamaa, echoing Dimpy’s complaints.

Anupama tries to explain Pakhi’s perspective. And emphasizing her love for Samar. But Samar’s frustration leads him to storm out, leaving the family in turmoil.

Anuj’s Actions and Kinjal’s Advice

Kinjal expresses her disapproval of Anuj’s decision to bring Maaya along, urging Anupama to confront him. Anupama, reluctant to take that step, believes that Anuj will eventually approach her to discuss the situation.

Samar is fueled by anger towards Anuj’s treatment of his mother. He decides to prove that Anupama is not dependent on him. He shares his happiness that the family is participating in his wedding. But he feels neglected in his moments of joy.

He expresses regret, wishing he had followed Dimpy’s suggestion of having a court marriage. With his words echoing in the air. And he leaves the scene in a storm of emotions.

Support and Encouragement for Anupama

Kinjal and other family members rally around Anupama. And praising her accomplishments and her upcoming journey to Malti Devi’s gurukul in America. They acknowledge her hard work. And encourage her to focus on her dreams. And assuring her that they will handle the wedding functions.

Anupama, touched by their support, vows to attend both her son’s weddings. And the gurukul cherishes these significant moments with her loved ones. The family decides to plan the functions according to Anupama’s preferences. And underscoring her importance and the unity within the family.

Decisions and Divisions: Planning the Wedding Function

With the wedding preparations underway. The family gathers to discuss the arrangements for the upcoming ceremonies. Leela, eager to address her doubts, seeks clarification from Anuj and Maaya regarding their involvement.

Maaya suggests dividing the functions between the Shah and Kapadia households. Which sparks a discussion about where each event should take place. Barkha, supporting Anuj’s desires, suggests holding Dimpy’s bidaai ritual at the Kapadia mansion.

Which receives a sharp retort from Kanta. Despite the tension, Anupama’s silence speaks volumes. And indicating her approval of the idea.

Leela concludes that the sangeet and haldi ceremonies will occur at the Shah house. While the wedding and bidaai will take place at the Kapadia mansion.

Anuj’s Behavior and Kanta’s Disgust

Kanta, clearly disgusted with Anuj’s actions and his support for Maaya, expresses her disdain. She confronts Anuj, making it clear. That she wants nothing to do with him. Hasmukh, observing the situation, decides it’s time to address Anuj himself. And had been waiting for the pooja to conclude.

Meanwhile, Maaya takes the opportunity to ask Anuj. If they can move to the Kapadia mansion immediately. However, Anuj hesitates, causing Maaya to question whether his reluctance stems from Anupama’s lingering presence in their former home.

As tensions rise and emotions run deep. The dynamics among the family members become strained. Anupama continues to navigate her way through this challenging situation. Ans finding solace in her family’s unwavering support.

The upcoming wedding functions and the division between the Shah and Kapadia households. And add an additional layer of complexity to an already tumultuous period.

In the next episode, we can expect further developments, confrontations, and emotional revelations. As Anupama and the rest of the family strive to navigate the intricate web of relationships. And expectations surrounding Samar’s wedding.

Stay tuned to find out how these events unfold. And impact the lives of the characters we have come to know and love.

Remember to catch the next episode of Anupama to witness the emotional roller coaster ride that lies ahead for Anupama, Vanraj, and the entire family.

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